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mine mine all mine!

10 September
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  • pat_a_bear@livejournal.com
This is my art/picture/craft/trading/selling/what ever I feel like it journal ^___^

I sell most of my stuff arts and crafts booths. Many times I just giving them away to friends. I'm not too serious about selling things at the moment (school, work, family, and friends are firsts). so I'm just pricing many things for their matieral cost because i'm just having fun making them. Currently I'm just trading with people, but if you want something leave a comment.

Here is my feedback and transactions: http://pat-a-bear.livejournal.com/10774.html

I'm studying to be a mechanical engineer, so this stuff isn't first on my to-do list........ but I tend to procrastinate on homework. ahaha, so it doesn't always take a long time.

(by the way, the birthday on top isn't my real birthday, it's my lj's birthday XD)